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Just copy this and fill it out.


To Applicants

(Make sure to remove asterisks within code)
USE LJ CUT: <*lj-cut text="CUT TITLE HERE.">put your application inside here

If you have "undecided" votes that havent been changed to a yes or no by the time a mod goes to stamp you they WILL BE COUNTED AS NO'S.

To know that you read the rules, in the subject line put "Cool by me"

To Stamped Members

Be honest when voting. We don't like losers. Therefore, losers shouldn't get accepted into this community. Bold yes or no answers within comment or put answer in subject line to make it easy to count. This is how you bold (just remove asterisks): <*b>yes or no

When promoting put under livejournal cut with cut text that says "promotion". For every one place you promote to, promote this community to two places. Show this under the promotion. If you don't have this, the entry will be deleted.

So, how should I promote the community? If you want to make the picture a link which comes out better, use this code and remove all the stars:
<**a href="put the link url here"**><**img src="image url here"**><**/a**>
The URL is the actual web address. You copy the tag that is underneath the promotion banners below, and remove the parts around the quotations ("") and URL, such as <*img src= as well as the end (>).

Once you get a stamp that says you are accepted into the community, you have free reign within the rules. You are now allowed to vote, post pictures, and comment.

Once received the rejection banner, you have one more chance to try out for the community. If you are rejected again, you cannot apply again.

Promotion/accepted/rejected banners can be found here.

And user icon made by anarchycamp

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and the wonderful beyondinfinite Catherine for doing the layouts!